still get butterflies in my stomach

still smile so wide every time i see you

still hear your laughter when it’s quiet

still stare at your face like it’s new to me

still you i think about each night

still you after all this time


Modern Day Devil Incarnate

do you have that one co-worker

who just makes the air around you unbreathable?

even seeing their shadow 

makes your blood boil

their presence is so suffocating

you want to smash the windows

to let the air in

to cleanse the office

The Optimists Want to Hang Out Under Mango Trees

i love our talks

about the future

laying out the plans

for growing old together

i love looking forward

to evening walks by the beach

being lazy under mango trees

and lengthy road trips just for fun

i love our days like this

aggressively optimistic

building our future

perfectly contented with each other


is it too much to ask

that we forget the past few days

forgive each other

start over again

forgetting is not easy

but time heals wounds

we have this part of forever

to repair